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Dior Beauty Summer 2022


[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I’ve got some bits and portions from current Dior launches, inclusive of the brand new (ish) Dior Addict Shine Intense Lipsticks which have all of the depth of a normal lipstick however a piece extra shine than maximum. I think possibly it’s a stage up from satin and multiple stages down from gloss.

Dior Updates

The two sun shades I even have are a very good looking pair – Dior Tulle (727) is the lighter looking shade atop and Pink Bow (628) is beneath. Tulle is truly a touch bit brickish – a very good colour for every body who can’t wear genuinely bland neutrals because it has effect without being overly brilliant. Pink Bow has a dash of mauve to it – of the two, it’s my desire. There are 36 sunglasses and they’re £33 each HERE. You can also get ‘couture’ instances – they’re certainly very pretty – in denim, crimson or silver if it’s for a special occasion or a gift.

Dior Updates

I am placing my glue dots to excellent use – they’re not continually foolproof although as you may see underneath! I assume, tons as I love them, Dior lipsticks are the most hard to picture from a evaluate factor of view. Every fingerprint shows and even the microfibre cloths that I use to shine up casings in order that they aren’t covered in my DNA aren’t as efficient as they need to be. I nearly need white gloves for those – in fact, I probable do. Anyway, the shape approach they want to lie down, no longer stand up…

Dior Updates

Timberrrrr. If you can have heard the curses from my kitchen the day past!

Dior Updates

See, they’re plenty happier closer a surface. The Dioriviera Bronzer (in Shade 4 – it seems pretty deep but is for ‘medium’ tones) has a cushioned outside compact and the ‘bayadere’ layout embossed onto the actual product. It’s almost impossible to discover the origins of this design – the best bags I can find with it are from 2000 – but broadly, it’s a material with horizontal stripes in contrasted shades. They’re £forty two HERE.

Dior Updates

It’s a totally striking design – I think I’d locate it difficult to fluff a brush over it. It’s very nice to have a reminder of the Dior Lip Glow Oil that’s simply this sort of scrumptious product. This is Bronze Glow and I find it irresistible – ideal for a natural, luminous summer lip. There is so little pigment that it’s extra of a bronze nuance before everything than anything but it offers a splendid radiance with a tiny drop of mint. All the Lip Glows have a chunk of a pH colour thing happening so the colour deepens a touch and veers purple. It’s speculated to be a shade reviver instead of a color stamp so anticipate a subtle effect. It’s £29.50 HERE.

Dior Updates

I sense like that is a careful summer season collection (I still have the eye palette and a new concealer to check) and understand that brands aren’t simply taking dangers at the same time as they’re nonetheless convalescing from the past couple of years. The most effective factor I sense is a bit distinct is their advocation of smouldering eyes whilst on the same time, looking such as you’re destined for the seashore. I imply, if you can, why no longer?!



Swatches are (bottom to pinnacle) Pink Bow, Dior Tulle and Bronze Glow.


Non-affiliate is HERE.


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