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5 Collagen-Boosting Body Lotions to Firm & Lift


If you’re in any respect familiar with frame care phrases, you’ve heard of collagen. From collagen lotions to collagen-boosting body lotions, there’s lots of collagen out there vying on your attention–specifically in the toning, lifting, and anti-growing older segment of the frame care global.

That makes sense, as collagen is a structural protein, that is evidently observed in our skin. Collagen is answerable for the structural integrity of our pores and skin, however its natural manufacturing has a tendency to drop as we age. This, along side a comparable drop in elastin, every other structural protein, results in fine strains, wrinkles, and loss of firmness and elasticity. In short, as we start to lose collagen, we begin to observe signs and symptoms of pores and skin getting old, no longer simplest in our face, however also in our frame.

Well, that sounds smooth enough to restoration, doesn’t it? Just slather your skin with skin care merchandise containing collagen, and you have to be satisfactory–proper? Indeed, there’s a variety of hype surrounding the usage of collagen in skin and body care products, however the scientific consensus appears to be that collagen, while applied immediately to the pores and skin, gained’t truly do a good deal inside the way of anti-growing older. The present day approach to using collagen in skincare is a whole lot greater in keeping with the use of collagen-boosting elements, in preference to collagen right.

If that sounds greater complex than it’s well worth, don’t fear: we’ve decided on 5 collagen-boosting body lotions to get you began. Keep reading to find out your preferred!

5 Body Lotions with Collagen-Boosting Ingredients

To help you choose a collagen-boosting frame lotion that fits your needs, we’ve selected some formulas from our store. Although they range in texture, those products all have one thing in not unusual: they’re enriched with collagen-boosting substances with a purpose to help your skin preserve its firmness and elasticity for longer.

Collistar Body Intensive Firming Cream Plus

The luxe body cream to enhance collagen and hyaluronic acid

This firming cream is one of the most famous body care merchandise from Collistar, as it gives the proper combination of luxurious and effectiveness. The enveloping system, with its delicious floral perfume, hides an extraordinary blend of bougainvillea stem cells and pomegranate flower extract. Together, these two herbal components paintings as collagen and hyaluronic acid activators, hence toning and toning the appearance of the pores and skin.

Nivea Q10 Multi Power 5-in-1 Firming + Cellulite Gel

The collagen-boosting anti-cellulite gel

Nivea Q10 merchandise are not anything new, however the fact is that they retain to advantage new enthusiasts. With this Multi Power firming gel, the number one purpose is to minimize the advent of cellulite and “orange peel” skin–however you’re additionally getting less assailable pores and skin as an advantage side impact! The big name component, of course, is Q10, which helps the manufacturing of collagen and elastin within the frame, hence contributing to more impregnable, extra elastic skin.

Sesderma Acglicolic Classic Anti-Aging Body Milk

The renewing frame lotion with glycolic acid

This frame milk from the Sesderma Acglycolic range has a deeply moisturizing method that makes use of glycolic acid to renew and rejuvenate the advent of the skin. As the superstar aspect of this body milk, glycolic acid exfoliates and stimulates cellular turnover, all of the even as stimulating the synthesis of collagen for an all-encompassing anti-getting old effect.

Esthederm Body Extra-Firming Hydrating Lotion

The preventing and corrective firmness remedy

Esthederm Body Extra-Firming Hydrating Lotion enables save you and correct lack of firmness and elasticity–whether or not related to growing old, being pregnant, or essential weight reduction. The famous person element of this components is a effective plant peptide, which now not most effective stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, but additionally enables save you their breakdown, which has a tendency to occur evidently as the skin a while.

Elancyl Firming Body Cream

The anti-getting older cream with nutrition C

The Elancyl brand is known for its powerful anti-cellulite merchandise; this product, however, is a good deal extra targeted on an anti-aging impact. When applied to the pores and skin in areas stricken by loss of firmness, this frame cream reinforces firmness and elasticity via the combined action of ivy extract and vitamin C. Together, these components stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, assisting you to acquire easy, elastic, and certainly firm skin.

Now that you’ve seen what collagen-boosting body creams can do for your skin–whether or not it’s in the context of cellulite, loss of firmness, or lack of elasticity–, you’re more empowered to make your mind up approximately the perfect body product for you. We wish you have no hassle finding your in shape!

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