Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.

Aries – Your horoscope for the week from August 15 to 21, 2022


Have a good start to the week with the Moon in your sign, you won’t need to argue to put forward what you want. It will be as if others can read your mind and we can say: it suits you! No need to communicate unnecessarily. The Moon in Taurus and conjunction with Uranus on the 17th will invite you to take a close look at your finances. In addition, Venus in Leo will encourage you to spend. You will have to make a choice!
The Moon in Gemini on August 19, 20 and 21 will awaken your sense of communication and your humor to the delight of the people around you. Mars will leave Taurus and go into Gemini, which should give you incredible energy over the weekend. Don’t overdo it though.

Watchword of the week: Joy
Day of the week: Tuesday

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