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Eating this fruit in large quantities can be extremely dangerous for your health.


There is a tropical fruit native to South Asia that is said to cause the death of some of its consumers. Does the durian speak to you? Decryption.

Edible fruit…

An edible fruit from a tropical tree native to South Asia bearing the same name, the durian is distinguished from other exotic fruits… by its smell! No sweet mixtures of sweetness, acidity or bitterness as we know them, no, the durian is a tropical fruit that gives off a nauseating smell of over-made cheeses, trash or even, for some who tasted it, rotting corpses. Tantalizing, isn’t it?

Although the smell of durian is repugnant, this tropical fruit is emulated. Thanks or because, one should say, to its original taste and texture. A flavor of hazelnuts, almonds, cheese and cognac, it seems. An intense and powerful taste that would be worth all the gold in the world according to connoisseurs.

Eating this fruit in large quantities can be extremely dangerous for your health.

… but dangerous for your health

In South Asia, durian swarms market stalls. If Asians eat it raw, others consume it in the form of pastries, cocktails, ice creams, macaroons or smoothies… So much so that they forget that this exotic fruit can be dangerous for their health!

Indeed, each year, several individuals die of durian overdoses. Because on the one hand, this fruit is excessively fatty and caloric, which is very difficult to digest, on the other hand, it does not go well with alcohol. If the durian is prohibited for people with sensitive intestines and pregnant women, it is also prohibited for anyone who mixes its consumption with alcoholic beverages. Why ? Because the high sulfur content of the fruit inhibits the ALDH enzyme, which protects the liver from alcohol toxins.

A real scourge in its country of origin, the durian is fortunately difficult to find in France. So be careful if you are currently on vacation or planning to travel to South Asia. Taste yes, out of curiosity, but no abuse… your health is at stake!

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