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Ingrid Chauvin: her confidences without filter on the impact that her new relationship had on her six-year-old son


It was during an interview with the magazine Galaon newsstands this Thursday, August 11, 2022, that Ingrid Chauvin confided in her relationship with Philippe Warrin and the impact that their relationship had on her six-year-old son, Tom.

Recent relationship

The one that evokes a “beautiful blended family” agreed to confide in his new relationship to the magazine Galaon newsstands this Thursday, August 11, 2022. The actress, who has been in a relationship with Philippe Warrin for almost a year, also spoke about her divorce and the reception of her current companion by her six-year-old son, Tom.

“I wanted to tell him fairly quickly because on the one hand, I can’t stand lying and on the other hand, I wasn’t meeting someone, I was finding someone” she explained before adding: “Tom felt that his mum was good and that he had a real dad in front of him, who has this very strong paternal fiber. And everything just happened”.


If the star of tomorrow belongs to us wants her son to accept his current partner, it’s because she stayed nine years with the father of her child. “Philippe is beyond anything I could have hoped for or even imagined as a step-dad for my son. However, we took our time” she revealed before continuing: “Because even if their relationship is incredible, I didn’t want to turn this close relationship that I have with Tom upside down overnight”.

Almost a year after starting their love story, Ingrid Chauvin and Philippe Warrin decided to move in together in Sète.

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