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Why do a digital detox


The new generations have developed an addiction to digital tools. This toxic and excessive use of screens has consequences on the mental and physical health of its hyperconnected users. Abusing screens is harmful in the long run. Worse than a drug, you have to consider yourself addicted when you can’t live without your phone! We speak of a behavioral addictive practice when it exceeds 3 hours a day. Do you feel stressed, tired, overwhelmed? Can’t do without your smartphone anymore? Do you spend several consecutive hours scrolling through social networks? You must get out of this virtual addiction thanks to digital weaning! We explain why doing a digital detox is imperative for your well-being!

Spend less time on screens

Spending less time on screens is the main goal of digital detox. This concerns your smartphone, but also the computer, television, tablet, video games, social network apps, surfing the net, the camera, everything related to a screen. The benefits of digital detox are multiple. This digital weaning has an indefinite duration, but the ideal is that it becomes a habit.

Disconnecting is a real experience whose benefits you can quickly measure. Any advice for a successful digital detox? Start gradually! Don’t remove all screens overnight! Start by not consulting your smartphone when you wake up, leaving your phone in your bag when you are with people, avoiding using social networks before sleeping.

After this first step, you can go up a gear by turning it off, putting it on standby, in airplane mode, in do not disturb mode, in silence or even by removing notifications.

Preserving your health

Reducing screen time preserves health. Screens produce blue light which is harmful to our eyes, it blocks the creation of melatonin and promotes wakefulness. Excessive and long exposure to screens causes visual fatigue, headaches, loss of sight, dry eyes leading to the wearing of glasses. These virtual activities cause age-related macular degeneration. There are blue light blocking glasses to protect you.

In addition to preserving sight, reducing the use of digital tools improves posture. We adopt bad positions during our virtual sessions, our backs are arched. Use your precious time to practice physical activity! A sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to health and life expectancy. It is a risk factor that creates cardiovascular diseases, cancer or even diabetes.

Improve sleep quality

On average, it is advisable to sleep 8 hours per night, most people do not exceed the 7 hour mark! The reason ? The endless hours spent on the screen before going to bed! Our constant search for entertainment keeps us stimulated 24 hours a day. Our continually solicited brain is excited by virtual activities. Images, videos, information, perpetual stimulation exhausts us, but not in the right way!

Have you noticed that you sleep badly? There is a good chance that blue lights are the cause of your insomnia! Do you want to improve the quality of your sleep? Replace your smartphone with a good book! You will fall asleep faster!


stop wasting your time

Have you ever thought about all that time wasted on your screens? Scrolling without a goal is an immeasurable waste of time! Are you afraid of getting bored? Before starting your digital diet, schedule activities. Reading, cooking, painting, sport, take the opportunity to discover new horizons! You will be more productive and efficient in your daily life!

Get off work

The ubiquitous place of screens in our daily lives has an impact on our private lives! Access to our professional e-mails from our mobile phones does us a disservice, on the contrary. Many are unable to get work, even on weekends! Work life interferes with private life and that’s bad. Too much stress can lead to burnout. You must let go and no longer consult your professional email outside of working hours.


Regain self-confidence

Studies have shown that social media is a source of discomfort for many people. It can even lead to digital depression or depression. Starting a digital detox helps to regain self-confidence. With the birth of digital professions such as content creator, youtuber, we are confronted every day with perfect lives made from scratch.

Does your daily life look bland? Have you developed complexes? This does not reflect reality, this is all just an illusion! Stop comparing yourself, uninstall certain apps or unsubscribe toxic accounts for you!

Reconnect to real life

Disconnecting from the virtual world allows you to reconnect to real life. People addicted to their smartphone are often victims of social isolation, it is wrongly thought that social networks help us to stay connected, but this is not always the case. The FOMO syndrome (fear of missing out) or the fear of missing information has never been so common!

Reducing your addiction thanks to digital detoxification means learning to live in the present, improving your social interactions and being better in your head, so don’t hesitate any longer!

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