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Marianne James changes her look: Internet users make fun of her appearance


On her Instagram account this Saturday August 13, 2022, Marianne James unveiled a photo of her change of look. A hair look that has not gone unnoticed by Internet users, mockers…

Change of look

“This morning I woke up like this, I love it. I kiss you naturally my instagramignonnes and cute! I hope your summer is going great! Kisses on your cheeks! See you at the start of the school year for Everything is in the voice » wrote the singer and former juror of the New star on her Instagram account this Saturday, August 13, 2022. Sporting a “Marie Antoinette” hairstyle, Marianne James certainly did not expect to be the laughing stock of Internet users who were very teasing about this change in hair look.

“It’s the Desireless style”, “How many sprays of hairspray for that?” », “Effect of the magnetic field of the full moon on a star… Nothing abnormal”, “I’m going to bed, you never know? »can we read in the comments of the publication.

Mixed reviews

If some Internet users have criticized the new hairstyle of the singer, others have been more playful in the face of the change of look. “What a bomb”, ” Cheer !!! You are very beautiful and super cute. Good luck kisses », “Marianne you will have to give us your secrets hahaha! », can we read in particular. Even Hélène Ségara went there with her little comment, complimenting her sidekick of France has an unbelievable talent.

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