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15 slimming recipe ideas with September fruits (1/16)


Whether sweet or savory, the fruits of September invite themselves into all recipes! This is an opportunity to fight back-to-school depression! Preparations full of flavors that boost morale and help us keep the line. You do not believe in it ? Why not try a slimming pavlova with grapes against water retention ? or make your own salt-free bread with raisins and hazelnuts ? Add banana to all your recipes, as it is an excellent anti-gloominess fruit. Rich in carbohydrates for energy and magnesium for morale, it is perfect in many recipes. In a oatmeal, banana and chocolate chip bowl cake to start the day on the right foot, chocolate and hazelnut banana popsicles to get rid of slack or to make banana pancakes without milk delicious…the banana makes us smile. The drinks are not left out with the grape and oatmeal smoothie. A wonder ! And we also offer you to make your own quince jam with dried fruit… You know that fruit you never really know how to eat? You can also taste it in non-nibbling fat-free quince chips or in oven-roasted quince jelly apples. Finally, hazelnuts can be incorporated into both sweet and savory recipes. A preference for sweets? Test it hazelnut chocolate cake, the crispy almond tart with pears and hazelnuts or even the light apple and hazelnut crumble. If your heart sways towards savory dishes, we suggest the parsnip soup with hazelnuts in the Thermomix©, the steamed butternut-hazelnut purée in the Thermomix and the autumn cauliflower, hazelnut and turkey cake.

Quickly discover our 15 slimming recipe ideas with September fruits.

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