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Cyril Féraud: his terrible confidences on the death of his father


It was during an interview with the magazine We both that the TV host confided in on the death of his father which occurred in June 2019.

Return to TV

Soon the recovery for Cyril Féraud who will be at the controls of a brand new show on France 3 titled Duels in families. If the TV host is about to return to the air after the summer break, he previously gave an interview to the magazine We both in order to discuss his projects, his desires, but also his private life.

“This period was the worst of my life”

His private life and in particular the death of his father which occurred a few years earlier, in June 2019. He who had already mentioned the death of his father on Faustine Bollaert’s show The secret box thus stated: “I experienced a tragedy when I lost my dad at 34 (…) I told Faustine Bollaert about my pain in La Boîte à secrets and I received a tsunami of messages from people with a similar background, or who said I had upset them.

A benevolence on the part of the viewers who allowed him to get up and move forward despite the difficult ordeal he was going through. “My job and the viewers helped me enormously in this period which was the worst of my life. It doesn’t take away the grief, but it helps to feel a little better” he revealed, specifying that he wanted to become a father in turn and start a family. “Building a family is one of my priority objectives” did he declare.

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