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Diane Leyre in a bikini: Miss France 2022 reveals her dream figure and ignites the Web


Currently on vacation in Spain, Miss France 2022 shared a snapshot of her in a bikini on a boat, on her social networks. A photo in which she reveals her dream figure and which ignited the Web…

Summer holidays

“This little break is coming to an end soon, but I admit I’m yearning to find you already. Because in 4 months, it will be time to welcome our new Miss France, so I have 4 months to make the most of it by your side and thank you again and again” wrote Diane Leyre on her Instagram account this Thursday, August 18, 2022. A short text that illustrates a nice shot of Miss France 2022 posing all smiles, in a bikini on a boat during her current vacation in Spain.

The opportunity for Internet users to discover the sculptural body and tanned skin of the beauty queen and to be captivated… “Wahouuuuu a mermaid”, “But what a bomb”, “You shine”, “How amazing you are”, “You will always remain our Miss France”, “I wouldn’t have wanted another Miss France than you”, can we read in particular in the comments of the publication.


If most Internet users have complimented the young woman for her superb figure, some have dared to share their complexes seeing the body of the beauty queen. Remarks that Diane Leyre did not ignore, even responding to a comment with these words: ” NEVER. Each beauty is unique, each body too. I too have complexes and you have to stop constantly comparing yourself to others. Be proud of yourself and who you are. Especially since you are much more than a physical, never forget it “. A nice speech more than inspiring…

Diane Leyre in a bikini: Miss France 2022 reveals her dream figure and ignites the Web

© Instagram/Diane Leyre

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