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Patrick Bruel: the singer reveals an adorable shot with his son Oscar who is celebrating his 19th birthday


The eldest son of Patrick Bruel, Oscar, celebrated his 19th birthday this Friday, August 19, 2022. The opportunity for the singer to make a beautiful declaration of love to his child by sharing an adorable snapshot as well as a poignant message on his networks social…

Happy Birthday

It was on August 19, 2003 that Patrick Bruel and his ex-girlfriend, Amanda Sthers, welcomed their first child, their eldest son Oscar. Two years later, in 2005, the singer and the writer welcomed their second child, a son named Léon.

This Friday, August 19, 2022, Oscar celebrated his 19th birthday. The opportunity for the artist to make a beautiful declaration of love to his eldest son on his Instagram account. Sharing a personal photo of his middle finger held by his son’s hand when he was just a baby, the singer wrote: “It’s been 19 years since our hands let go… Every year, I look for the right words to best define you, trying to avoid superlatives… but I can’t. When people who meet you tell me about you, I realize that I’m finally quite objective and that you really are a wonderful person. Thank you for the smiles that you create around you, Thank you for what you are, what you are becoming and what you will be. So proud of you. I love you “. Touching!

Private life

If Patrick Bruel and Amanda Sthers divorced in 2007, they have since shared custody of their two children and do everything possible to ensure that their sons are spared the media tumult. A discretion that does not prevent the artist from sometimes confiding in his children. On the set of It’s up to you in 2019, the singer also shared a touching and funny anecdote about his son Oscar who had sent an email to his production box to be sure to find his father despite his busy schedule. “When he saw the tour starting to get carried away, he sent an email to the production company and he said: “If you want my dad to see his children, you are not going to put concerts between such and such a date. and such date”. They totally respected it without telling me” he said.

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