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Samuel Le Bihan papa poule: the actor reveals for the first time the face of his daughter Angia


It was on his Instagram account this Friday August 19, 2022 that Samuel Le Bihan shared several photos of his vacation in Corsica. In one of the photos, Internet users were able to discover for the first time the face of his 10-year-old daughter Angia.

Summer holidays

Samuel Le Bihan is still enjoying his vacation on the island of beauty, which he spends with his 10-year-old daughter Angia. If a few days ago, the actor shared on his Instagram account a tender photo with his protege, this Friday August 19, 2022, the actor revealed a snapshot where we can discover the face of his child… for the whole first time ! Indeed, in one of the photos, father and daughter pose in diving gear in front of the camera. An adorable shot among many others that the dad captioned in these words: “#vacations #holidays #vacation #corsica #corsedusud #famille #familleheureuse #daughterandfather #hapiness #enjoy… What else…” (What else in French).

Father and daughter

Samuel Le Bihan’s daughter was born in 2011 when the actor was in a relationship with model and stylist Daniela Beye. In 2018, the actor spoke for the first time on the set of Can’t wait for Sunday her daughter’s autism spectrum disorder. If the actor has full custody of his offspring, he is always a little more ecstatic about the spectacular progress his child is making despite his disorder. “You made me the spectator moved by your determination to be accepted and integrated like the others, among the others. The authority with which you develop strategies to achieve this captivates me and your progress commands my respect. So go ahead, go for it girl, don’t worry about the rest, I’m here for you” he had also declared to his protegee on his Instagram account.

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