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Laurent and Maud (Love is in the meadow): in crisis, the couple calls for help


The two candidates revealed in the fourteenth season of Love is in the meadow are going through a difficult time… At the end of their tether, they decided to call for help.

In crisis

Everyone remembers the couple Laurent & Maud revealed in the fourteenth season of the show M6 Love is in the meadow. If the pig farmer had lived a complicated life story before participating in the show, it was the same for his suitor Maud!

Quickly, the couple was formed during the show. A love story that still continues and looks like a fairy tale…

Call for help

Except that Laurent and Maud have been in crisis for several months. This August 18, 2022, Laurent has indeed shared a message on his Instagram account in which he launches an appeal following the financial difficulties of the couple.

“Following the climatic conditions of 2020, I generated large debts with suppliers, which jeopardized the future of the operation. I had to do something. So we launched a Leetchi kitty at the time, many of you supported us and showed us your friendship. Huge thanks for that. Following the first kitty, I was able to reimburse my suppliers and make deadlines with others » he wrote before adding: “Unfortunately, a new hard blow fell on my head. By carrying out my balance sheet, the collection has greatly increased my taxes to be paid. I had not anticipated this in the amount collected on Leetchi. I have to pay around €30,000 in various taxes by the end of the year. Once again, my business and my passion are in jeopardy, because I will not be able to meet these reimbursements in addition to my other expenses”.

If the first donations obtained by the couple have not been tax-exempt, once again putting the couple in crisis, Maud, for her part, assures her: neither Laurent nor she will be fooled a second time.

“This time it will be different. We will proceed differently to no longer be taxed. Thank you all for your support “ she shared on her social networks before continuing: “It’s really not easy to ask for help again”.

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