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Aquarius – Your special back-to-school 2022 horoscope


Saturn in your quarters puts you back in the business of work very quickly. In the first days of the month, you could have unexpected disappointments. This should be back to normal by the end of the month. For singles, who haven’t taken matters into their own hands to reverse the trend because you haven’t been able to take advantage of the good energies of the summer period, you’ll have to take your troubles patiently… Or decide to take things in hand. There might be an opportunity that comes your way especially until September 5th. However, Mercury, planet of communication, will begin its retrograde on September 11th. Be careful not to be clumsy. For people already in a relationship Saturn, planet of time and limitations does not form a good aspect to Uranus. There could be tensions or even constraints within the household. Be careful not to be too brittle with the person who shares your life. You should find your complicity very soon.

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