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Aries – Your special back-to-school 2022 horoscope


What if this summer was your summer? Since May 11, Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck, is in your sign. This brings a wind of optimism. You will take things on the bright side and you will have confidence in the future. Your social life will experience a revival! For singles, on the program, Venus, will promote beautiful – and many – encounters! Mercury in Gemini forms a sextile to Jupiter, this will facilitate the first contact and will bring fluidity to your exchanges. One thing is certain, you won’t know where to turn. Holiday crush or not, it will be up to you to determine the relationship you want. Something to boost your ego. For people in a relationship, a beautiful summer is looming for you. You have plans with your dear and tender one and will realize them. A good romantic holiday in perspective. Your ruling planet Mars should raise the temperature. Indeed, the latter will encourage seduction. As a couple or single you will know how to create situations where attraction will be there, enough to stimulate your libido!

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