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Gemini – Your special back-to-school 2022 horoscope


As usual, Gemini, the first days of the month you will like to flutter. The period will be refocusing, channeling your actions. At work, just finish the tasks given to you and no more. If you are in a relationship, be careful not to use your partner too much, to take too much energy from him. If you feel at the point of no return, take it upon yourself until the beginning of next month. From September 11, Mercury begins its retrograde until September 3. However, if you try to communicate with your loved one, you risk having a very sterile conversation. Indeed, you will not understand each other, each of you will remain camped on his positions. For single people, of a chatty nature, your patter will be reinforced thanks to good aspects of Mercury, planet of communication. The latter will be accompanied by the planet Mars in your quarters until the end of the month. You will be more daring, courageous and determined. No obstacle can stop you. You will be seduced and you will have more than one trick up your sleeve. However, be careful not to overdo it, your interlocutor could lose interest in you as quickly as the moment he/she laid eyes on you. And for good reason, a nice surprise could take shape and the unexpected meeting can be at the rendezvous!

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