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Jenifer: the singer appears with a grandmother’s hair accessory


We thought it had gone out of fashion and yet… Beautystas looking for the perfect blow-dry have brought it up to date… And so have the stars! Among them, the singer Jenifer.

resounding return

Just browse the Corsican singer’s Instagram account to realize her assets: curly hair, XXL volume, long-lasting hairstyle… Yes, the curler is making a resounding comeback in the bathrooms of beautystas as well as celebrities. Gone is the image of hair accessory for grandma that has long been attributed to it, the curler is trendy to tame your hair mass with elegance and obtain a perfect blow-dry! And it is not Jenifer who will say the opposite!

Tame her hair

On her social networks, the singer displayed herself proudly with curlers on her head. For the purposes of his new music video, Save who loves, released on August 19, Jenifer chose these famous accessories to give volume and curls to her hair. A styling immortalized in image on which the artist poses, seven curlers on the top of her skull, six additional curlers on each side of her head.

To tell the truth, Jenifer is not the only one to make the curler more glamorous than ever. Miss France 2022, Diane Leyre, is a huge fan of this hair accessory! As well as the models Gigi Hadid and Carla Ginola… Just that! So, to your brushings!

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