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Leo – Your special back-to-school 2022 horoscope


After an intense summer, it’s time to get back to work! However, that doesn’t mean the summer vibe won’t last! At least on the sentimental side. On the other hand, at the professional level, the blockages, the tensions and the atmosphere left before leaving, unfortunately, you will find them… Since the end of August, Mars, planet of action is well placed for natives who would not have found shoes on their feet. (This positioning will work in your favor until the end of the year). The latter will be supported by Venus, planet of love, which ends its course in your sign on September 5th. You will set out to conquer your confident half. That said, be careful not to overdo it, simplicity will be just as appreciated by your next meeting. For people already in a relationship, you will continue to bring a little spice into your household. During the first days of September, Pluto will form a beautiful aspect to Venus. You are asked to let your instincts guide you. Passion will come to interfere in your relationship… This will delight you to the point, you will be in total fusion with your partner.

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