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Linda Evangelista: her first magazine cover since she was disfigured by a failed cosmetic surgery


The 90s supermodel, disfigured after cosmetic surgery gone wrong, poses on the cover of Vogue UK magazine. Not without edits…


“I loved being on the podium. Now I’m afraid to run into someone I know. I can no longer live like this, in hiding and in shame. I can’t live in this pain anymore. (…) I always knew that I would grow old. And I know there are things that a body goes through. But I didn’t think I would look like this. I don’t recognize myself physically, but I don’t recognize myself as a person either. » confided Linda Evangelista to the magazine People last February. The model, supermodel of the 90s, has been living in seclusion for a few years, since he underwent an aesthetic treatment that went wrong, CoolSculpting…

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If the now 57-year-old Canadian is struggling to accept her new appearance, she nevertheless agreed to pose under the lens of Vogue UK photographers to be on the front page of the magazine in its September 2022 edition. The model appears smiling in the photos posted on the magazine’s Instagram account, dressed in a hat and a scarf or a turtleneck.

Fashion photos that have been studied at length so as not to reveal the damage caused by the failed cosmetic surgery intervention suffered by the top model. The make-up artist of the shoot indeed used cunning tapes and rubber bands to reshape Linda Evangelista’s face, jaw and neck…

“It’s not my jaw and my neck in real life – and I can’t walk around with tape and rubber bands all over the place” confessed the main concerned to the magazine. “You won’t see me in a bathing suit, that’s for sure” she added.

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