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Need a quick detox after summer? Follow our super easy tips!


You feel bloated, tired and yet you have only just come back from vacation. Your body may be overloaded! Consuming fatty and sugary foods not only causes weight gain, they also clog the machine that is our body. Back to school is therefore the ideal time to clean it.

What is a detox?

Unlike a diet, the main objective of detox is not to make us lose weight. However, we often find that we can lose weight during a detox, simply because we adopt a healthier and more balanced diet. A detox cure therefore serves to eliminate toxins of our organism. Indeed, during the summer, pancakes, waffles, ice cream, pizzas and other fatty and sweet dishes were part of our daily diet. There’s nothing wrong with having fun, but it can be good to take advantage of this new “school” year to do a big cleaning. The accumulation of fats and sugars prevents the liver and kidneys from filtering waste and the digestive system from functioning properly. The result can even be seen physically: dull complexion, pimples, brittle nails and hair, fatigue and digestive disorders are the signals that indicate an accumulation of toxins.

Smooth in and out of cure

A detox cure does not necessarily have to last several weeks. It all depends on your eating habits and needs. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of a doctor or dietitian to find out the ideal duration for you. After the excesses of the summer, a one week treatment seems ideal to us. You may even see the beginnings of weight loss! But you can also opt for an express detox cure in three days. If the cure is longer, so that it is beneficial and easy to follow, one can enter the cure gradually. To do this, gradually reduce your consumption of red meat, alcohol, coffee, black tea, dairy products and other contraindicated foods. At the same time, slowly increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Similarly, you don’t get out of a cure by attacking a burger-fries-ice cream menu! Gradually reintroduce dairy products, red meat, etc. A detox cure can help you maintain new eating habits. So, if you feel able, do not give in to processed products and other foods high in sugar and industrial fat. The less you consume, the less you will feel the need to detoxify.

Don’t overload your liver

It goes without saying, but we prefer to specify it, during a detox cure, we do not consume prepared industrial products! Rich in sugars, fats, salt and other additives, they tire the liver and overload it. We also remove alcohol, coffee and black tea which disturb sleep and transit and are a source of nervousness. Finally, it will be necessary to temporarily eliminate certain foods. Indeed, they provide nutrients necessary for our body, but can also have pro-inflammatory effects in the long term. They should therefore not be completely removed from our shopping list, but consumed in moderation on a daily basis. This is, for example, the case of red meat, dairy products and gluten. Refined carbohydrates (sweets, white bread, white pasta, etc.) should also be avoided during the cure because they create spikes in blood sugar that tire the pancreas.

Eliminate toxins

Fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins and minerals, will be real allies. Their draining effect and their fibres, which improve transit, make it easier to eliminate toxins. Some fruits, such as red fruits and berries, have antioxidant properties that also delay cell aging: an additional benefit! Asparagus (in a jar in September because it is no longer the season), artichoke, broccoli, carrot, cabbage, black radish or celery are detoxifying vegetables. For the fruits, bet on pineapple, apple and avocado. Consume them preferably away from meals, as they could slow down digestion. Grapes, in season, drain the liver and make the kidneys work because of their high water and potassium content. It is therefore ideal for a back-to-school detox. Whole fruits and vegetables are higher in fiber than juices and are therefore preferred. But fruit and vegetable juices will allow you to vary the pleasures. Our suggestion? A lemon juice (1), cucumber (1/2 or 1 according to your taste), grapes (1 bunch) and pears (2) for breakfast to start the day with seasonal products.

Good hydration will be necessary, once again, to promote elimination. Green tea, rooibos and chicory can also accompany you. Fermented drinks such as kombucha and kefir, rich in probiotics, help strengthen the intestinal flora. Finally, many infusions are known for their virtues: dandelion helps the kidneys, milk thistle and artichoke boost the liver and poppy, violet or even plantain cleanse the lungs.

We help you choose your detox cure.

Have a physical activity

It is useless to exercise excessively during a detox cure because it risks tiring and dehydrating your body even more. On the other hand, having a minimum physical activity is necessary. Walking, swimming, cycling, running… It all depends on your habits. It is not necessary to practice more.

Don’t smoke and get enough sleep

For your detox cure to be totally effective, stopping smoking and restful sleep (8 hours a night in general) are also recommended. And if you can do it, then why not stick with these new habits over time?

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