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Scorpio – Your special back-to-school 2022 horoscope


You regulate the details of daily life in order to develop your work, your business to obtain more responsibilities. Keep sowing seeds, the harvest of your labor is coming soon. For the natives of Scorpio in a couple, this beginning of September may seem confusing to you. From the earliest days, Venus, planet of love, forms a disharmonic aspect with Saturn. This can bring distance between you and your partner. If you feel rejected, don’t be too harsh in your comments. Try to take some distance from the situation. Indeed, it will carry you around September 10 during the Full Moon in Pisces. This Lunation will form a harmonic aspect with Uranus planet of the sudden in your sector of associations. It could bring unforeseen situations that could allow you to find yourself with the person who shares your life. Regarding Singles, if there were new affinities during the summer that did not last, don’t be disappointed. For you, the September 10 lunation could be beneficial to you. An unforeseen event could make you meet a beautiful person. So if you are offered an evening, do not hesitate!

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