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10 books to get as soon as possible to help you lose weight


When you’re looking to lose weight, you sometimes need help finding the right tips, the right diet, advice… or just a little motivation. We have selected 10 books for you to support you in this process.

1- Forget diets, they make you fat

Sophie Deram, researcher in neuroscience of eating behavior and dietician-nutritionist, tackles diets and any food restrictions, with the aim of losing weight. Not only doomed to failure, such restrictions are often harmful to the body. Based on scientific data, it offers simple dietary rules to put into practice to eat serenely and lose weight in the long term. The book, Forget diets, they make you fatalso contains a large number of cooking recipes, perfect when we lack ideas.

2- E-book: 4 golden rules to regain health and energy

Lisa Salis is a nutritional therapist and naturopath. His in-depth knowledge of food allows him to provide us with standard menus and easily applicable nutritional advice. Better, it allows us to understand the role of each food and to better manage our nutrition. Thus, losing weight, keeping healthy and regaining energy become child’s play thanks to his e-book 4 golden rules to regain health and energy.

3- The anti-diet – lose weight for good

This book helps to stop feeling guilty about having failed so many times in our quest to lose weight. The author, Michel Desmurget, is a doctor of neuroscience. He himself tried to lose weight several times, without succeeding in stabilizing his weight. One day, he became interested in scientific literature to find the solution. This book comes out of it, The anti-diet – lose weight for goodrigorous and liberating, which will bring you another look at diets.

In the same line as for his previous book, Michel Desmurget joins this time with Caroline Knittingadvertiser and hypnotherapist, specialist in weight loss, to provide you with a method to lose weight in a sustainable way. The daily anti-diet, how to lose weight permanently by deceiving your brain, is a summary of their knowledge and accompanies you to finally say goodbye to diets.

5- 1 month to lose 5 kg

Written by Camille Smalldietician, the book 1 month to lose 5 kg is a real source of motivation. Eating healthy, without depriving yourself, while doing sports, everything is there. Small and big challenges, quizzes, sports weeks… an ideal cocktail to rebalance your diet and motivate yourself to get (back) into sport.

6- Reading to reconcile with our gut

Considered as a “second brain”, the intestine would have a major role in our good health and, by extension, weight loss. To learn more about this essential organ, we suggest Le Discreet gut charm: All about an unloved organof Giulia Enders and or The intestine our second brain: Understanding its key role and preserving its health of the teacher Francisca Joly-Gomez. The latter also offers simple solutions to change your diet, choose the appropriate cooking methods or even favor certain foods.

7- The little slimming book

It’s a pocket size that lists 3,600 foods. No bla-bla, just the calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats contained in a serving of food. An interesting tool to quickly find out the calories of a product and to choose between a pain au chocolat and a croissant! From the same publisher (FIRST editions), there is also the little low GI cookbookfor those interested in the glycemic index of foods.

8- My slimming goal book in 12 weeks fall-winter

Real logbook, we like the illustrations and the touch of humor. Physical exercises, menu ideas and something to fill in your own food diary can help you motivate yourself and track your progress. We also note our level of stress, our mood and our sleep, in order to analyze the link between our state and our diet. This notebook also exists in a spring-summer version, ideal to accompany you all year round. To complete them, the recipe book for successful food rebalancing offers you 120 healthy and delicious recipes. Notebooks from the Solar collection are easy to slip into all bags to take them everywhere.

9- A food rebalancing follow-up agenda

It is generally advisable to keep a food diary during a rebalancing. It allows you to motivate yourself, to realize missteps and to readjust your meals accordingly. Food rebalancing diaries are often colorful, fun and more pleasant to fill than a simple notebook. They also offer tips and daily challenges. There are several, it’s up to you to choose yours!

10- A good cookbook

It’s not easy to cook when you don’t know anything about it, you don’t have an idea, or you don’t appreciate it. A recipe book that we like is therefore essential. There are a very large number of them. For students, for families, for those in a hurry… Specific to starters, traditional dishes or even desserts… To make pasta, risottos or salads or even for batch enthusiasts cooking, to cook meals for the week in 2 hours during the weekend. To lose weight, choose a “slimming goal” or “light recipes”, but not a book on a diet that is too restrictive. The recipes must be simple, the ingredients well indicated, as well as the preparation and cooking times. This is especially important if you don’t enjoy cooking. In this case, also opt for “easy” and/or “fast” labels. Finally, let yourself be carried away by the images you will see while leafing through it. If they inspire you, go for it! You will want to make them all the more! A suggestion ? the Simplissime light: the easiest light cookbook in the worldof J. F. Mallet published by Hachette cuisine.

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