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15 cake recipes where you can replace butter with compote (1/16)


Whether you are on a diet, or a little careful with your figure, you always try to make cakes and cakes with as little butter, fat and sugar as possible. A great way to substitute butter is to use applesauce. In this case, the sugar can also be removed. Choose compote without added sugar, it would be a shame to lose all the benefits!

Some of the recipes we offer you already contain applesauce instead of butter. For the others, you just need to replace it with an equivalent quantity of compote (60 g of applesauce for 60 g of butter, for example). And you can also reduce or even eliminate sugar. Thus, among the recipes based on compote, treat yourself with autumnal flavors such as fat-free walnut cake with applesauce where the gluten-free apple and nut cake. The slimming soufflés with apple and pear compote will be delicious and, for breakfast, opt for the muffins with light compote and raisins. Simpler, the apple cake without butter with compote will please everyone. But if you want a bit of originality, let yourself be tempted by the grandma’s chocolate cake… with compote of course!

As you can see, almost all recipes can do without butter. The recipe for traditional apple cake will then become lighter, as well as the mini apple cakes and caramel chips and the honey and pecan cake. The cakes (to nut, with light lemon, with pear, vanilla and rum compote, with raisins, with candied fruit or banana) can also lose some calories.

All you have to do is test our 15 cake recipes where you can replace butter with compote to make you happy at snack time, without feeling guilty!

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