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HPI: 4 tips for living well on a daily basis with your high intellectual potential (1/4)


It’s not always easy to recognize that you have a high intellectual potential… If some people learn their intellectual precocity from childhood, others spend long years – sometimes most of their life – adapting without knowing of this particularly high potential. Above all, it is therefore essential to identify and accept this intelligence quotient superior to the majority. And even if the characteristics are numerous, there are signs to recognize an HPI person.

The first, which is sometimes the subject of great curiosity, is tree-like thinking. This works by very rapid, even simultaneous associations. In other words, someone is going to tell you about a movie, and that’s going to trigger a flood of thoughts: on the one hand, you’ll remember the movie and the analysis you made of it. It will remind you of a recently read book, as well as a director whose work comes close to it, then, at the same time, a childhood memory will suddenly pop into your brain. If such a sequence of ideas sounds familiar to you, chances are you have high intellectual potential. Other signs: you have great empathy, remarkable emotional intelligence and a tendency to hypersensitivity. Moreover, you could also be a very creative person, whose curiosity and search for meaning are insatiable. Finally, if you are HPI, chances are you have a tendency towards perfectionism.

It’s no longer a secret: children with an IQ of between 130 and 160 can completely fail at school… and for this reason, an adult can also be unaware that they are HPI. It is not the character of the HPI series on tf1, embodied by Audrey Fleurot, who will tell us the opposite. But then, how to better live the fact of being gifted? Fourchette & Bikini gives you 4 tips here so that HPI rhymes (finally) with well-being!

2. Accept giftedness and get to know yourself


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While they represent 2.2% of the population, people with HPI often suffer from the impression of feeling alone. They then develop subterfuges… like playing a role, hiding behind masks. If this technique has obviously proven itself from a social point of view – since it allows you to blend in with the crowd – it is not ideal from the point of view of personal development. And for good reason: you risk maintaining relationships that seem superficial to you, and getting tangled up in this feeling of being misunderstood. The solution ? Letting go and daring to express your thoughts, even when they overlap, even when they go too fast or are choppy. Authentic relationships are a great source of joy… more than that, they are essential to our fulfillment!

However, it is not always easy to spend time in sociability. Listening and sharing requires having cerebral and emotional space available. In order to find your balance, learn to appreciate solitude. Give yourself time to discover who you really are and take care of your secret garden. In order to let your emotions and thoughts express themselves, do not hesitate to practice an artistic activity. Gifted people are often bubbling with creativity. The painting ? Writing ? Or even singing? Find out what excites you!

4. Succeed in calming the flow of thoughts


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Listening to your body and mind is seen by many as a direct path to happiness. What could be more logical ? And yet, we tend to forget it… In order to live your high intellectual potential well on a daily basis, try as best you can to calm the incessant rhythm of your thoughts. Easier said than done ? That’s for sure… But succeeding in disconnecting can be learned. This is particularly one of the lessons brought out by forms of art therapy, yoga and meditation. The idea is to put your thoughts on pause, to immerse yourself as much as possible in the short term, even in the most total present. It is the idea of ​​the here and now that meditation and yoga offer to explore, in particular yoga Nidra, whose soothing virtues are surprising. The practice of drawing, and more specifically of the mandala, is also an excellent way to calm the course of thoughts. Likewise, if you like to move, running and swimming will allow you to exercise and enter a meditative state of mind.

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