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Rendez-vous in unknown land: the singer Vianney escaped death


France 2 rebroadcast an episode of Meeting in unknown land in which Raphaël de Casabianca took Vianney to Africa, and more particularly to Ethiopia. A trip that almost turned into a tragedy…

“He said goodbye to his wife and daughter-in-law”

It is in 2021 that the singer and coach of The VoiceVianney, agreed to go with Raphaël de Casabianca to Africa, and more precisely to Ethiopia, for the purposes of the show France 2, Meeting in unknown land.

A trip that allowed the performer to Father in law to meet the Afar people who live in the northeast of the country. A nice encounter that could never have happened, Vianney having narrowly escaped death at the start of his journey!

The singer’s friend, and also a member of the jury The VoiceAmel Bent, had also confided in this subject in the program We redo the TV on RTL. “When Vianney came back from Ethiopia, we were recording The Voice. And the first thing he said to me was ‘We almost crashed in a plane'” she had indeed declared before adding: “They wanted to land in the street with broken cars everywhere (…) He started to say his prayers, he said goodbye to his wife and his daughter-in-law. He really thought he was going to leave”.

More fear than harm

Fortunately, Vianney was able to arrive in Ethiopia safe and sound, in one piece, and have the experience he will remember all his life…

“We were warned that the Afars are quite fierce and internalize their emotions. We were therefore pleasantly surprised because, in an inexplicable and magical way, from the first evening, we talked at random. The women who have an essential role in the village, but with whom we spent less time, also surprised me. They seemed very discreet and withdrawn, but as soon as we spoke with them, they were really happy to tell their life story. had explained in particular the principal concerned to TV Z.

“This trip jostled me a little, in particular, by raising questions like polygamy. Meeting people and different ways of life allows us to better know who we are, where we stand and, above all, to clearly define what we do not want. Although I love and accept without restriction people as they are, some of their traditions run counter to my personal beliefs. But the rule of these exchanges is, above all, to be neither judgmental nor in the desire to change the other while keeping a certain distance vis-à-vis their habits and customs. he added.

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