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Bonus received: who will receive it and when will it appear on our bank accounts?


The back-to-school bonus is a device that is part of the purchasing power law voted by senators and deputies at the beginning of this month of August 2022. This exceptional financial aid aims to improve the daily purchasing power of families in this back-to-school period which heavily impacts our wallets. Who will receive the back-to-school bonus? What is the date of payment of this bonus? We tell you all about this new device.

Who are the people concerned by the back-to-school bonus?

Elizabeth Borne and her government defended before Parliament the purchasing power law which aims to provide additional aid for the French, in particular to help them approach the start of the school year with more serenity. This law, which was passed on August 4, 2022, notably includes an exceptional back-to-school bonus. This exceptional bonus comes in addition to the back-to-school allowance in order to offer more financial comfort to its more than 10 million beneficiaries. This exceptional bonus amounts to an amount of 100 euros plus 50 euros per dependent child. With regard to beneficiaries, the list of people who will benefit from the back-to-school bonus has been expanded. While this bonus should initially only concern French people considered to be low-income workers, it will eventually be granted to more people. Thus, the 100 euros of the exceptional back-to-school bonus will be paid to all French people who receive the minimum social benefits, which includes people who benefit from the specific solidarity allowance, the disabled adult allowance, the solidarity allowance for the elderly or RSA. This premium is also intended for scholarship students as well as people who receive APL. Finally, the granting of the exceptional back-to-school bonus also concerns the 2.8 million French people who benefit from the activity bonus.

Back-to-school bonus and back-to-school allowance

While their names are very similar, it is important to remember here that the exceptional back-to-school bonus and the back-to-school allowance are two completely separate schemes. While the back-to-school bonus provided for by the purchasing power law aims to help the French in their purchases of food products in particular, the back-to-school allowance is intended to participate in the financing of school and sports supplies whose purchases inevitably accompany the back-to-school period. The back-to-school allowance has for its part been revalued for the year 2022. It has indeed undergone an update by being increased by 4% in order to accompany general inflation. Thus, beneficiaries who received this aid from August 16, 2022 received the following sums: 392.05 euros per child aged between 6 and 10, 413.69 euros per child aged 11 to 14 and finally 428.02 euros per child aged 15 to 18. The 2022 back-to-school allowance concerns parents whose dependent children were born between September 16, 2004 and December 31, 2016 inclusive, subject to the income ceiling.

When will the payment of the back-to-school bonus take place?

As we have just seen, the exceptional back-to-school bonus concerns no less than 10.8 million French people. The sum allocated by this system to scholarship students as well as to people who receive APL and social minima is 100 euros per household, plus 50 euros per dependent child depending on the family situation. The amount of aid that will be paid to people who receive an activity bonus is still not known at this time. This exceptional bonus should be paid to the beneficiaries automatically, without any intervention on their part. Bruno Lemaire, the Minister of the Economy, announced that this aid should help the French to “finance food shopping”. It is from September 15 that the beneficiaries of the exceptional back-to-school bonus should see this amount appear on their bank account, intended to increase their purchasing power.

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