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Aries – Your weekly horoscope from August 29 to September 4, 2022


The beginning of the week could put you in front of disagreements that will have to be resolved quickly. With Mercury in Libra opposed to Jupiter, it would be a shame if a small disagreement took a very (too) important turn. It will only depend on you and how you present your point of view. The Moon in Scorpio on September 1 and 2 could send you into intense anger, which will not work in your favor. The hardest part this week will be mastering yourself. The Sun in Virgo squaring Mars in Gemini suggests that you should listen to other people’s opinions, even though it may seem like a headache. Venus in Leo will come to ease these tensions during the weekend, with harmony at the Moon in Sagittarius.

Watchword of the week: Impatience
Day of the week: Sunday

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