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Coloring for adults: 7 reasons to practice this well-being activity (1/8)


In recent years, coloring books for adults have invaded the shelves of bookstores. They are among the best-selling books on the planet, impossible to miss, they are everywhere! Coloring is an economical and simple way to carry out a manual and relaxing activity. No need for a workshop or professional equipment, markers or colored pencils are sufficient! Easy to carry, you can take your coloring on the beach, in transport, or at home on a rainy Sunday. Beneficial for mental health, adult coloring has proven itself. We give you the 7 reasons to practice this well-being activity.

5. 4. Expressing emotions



Externalizing our feelings is a difficult exercise. Are you not well? Coloring books are the solution. Keeping your discomfort to yourself is counterproductive. Coloring in an anti-stress coloring book will allow you to express your emotions on paper. Anger, sadness, melancholy, the spontaneous choice of colors reflects your emotional state. Red represents a need for energy, green, calm. Just like drawing, writing, painting, coloring is an ideal tool for expression and relaxation to express one’s moods.

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