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Sharon Stone in a bikini: this sexy selfie of the 64-year-old actress who ignites social networks


It was on her Instagram account this Sunday, August 28, 2022 that Sharon Stone shared a photo of her posing in a bikini in front of a mirror. A sexy selfie of the 64-year-old American actress who set social media ablaze…

sexy selfie

“Wow”, “It’s never too late to be fabulous”, ” You’re pretty “, ” Stunning “, “Gorgeous as always”, ” You’re wonderful “, ” The Queen “wrote Internet users under Sharon Stone’s Instagram post dated this Sunday, August 28, 2022.

And for good reason, we see the American actress all smiles posing in a swimsuit in front of a mirror. The opportunity for Internet users to discover the superb silhouette of the actress who, despite the passing years, retains a dream plastic!

body positivism

At 64, Sharon Stone feels good in her body and in her mind and does not hide from making it known on her social networks. “Why do I always get back in shape when summer is over? » she wrote, without false modesty, but with a touch of humor, in the caption of the sexy selfie that panics the Web.

Last July, during her vacation in Sicily, the American actress had already unveiled her body on social networks. “Gracefully imperfect on a perfect day” she had expressed in the caption of a photo in which she was posing all smiles, bare breasts, simply dressed in a leopard print swimsuit bottom, at the edge of a swimming pool. A natural photo that advocated body positivism and which had delighted internet users just as much…

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