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Aries Horoscope – September 2022


The presence of Mars in the sign of Gemini will make you sociable during this month focused on Virgo / Libra energies due to the presence of the Sun in these signs. So, if the beginning of the month seems to be geared towards organization and time management, you will allow yourself a lot more free time during the last ten days of the month. The presence of Venus in Virgo from September 5 to 29 will allow you to find great satisfaction in work, including in the daunting tasks that made you flee a while ago. This change is certainly due to an awareness that may have been made during the summer and to a possible change of professional activity for some. Mercury’s retrograde will begin on September 10, and it could dampen your focus. So take advantage of the beginning of the month to put the cards on the table and say what you have to say (especially with your life partner). Jupiter is still in your sign, which suggests that this end of the year will unfold very quickly. You will have a hard time getting out of it peacefully if you are not organized. The full moon in Pisces on September 10 evokes a need to connect to your dreams, to your why. You know how to move forward perfectly, but it is possible that you tend to forget the reasons that lead you to act. The entry of the Sun into Libra on September 23 will confront you with your shortcomings, especially in terms of communication. With the entry of Venus into Libra on September 29, you will have to question yourself, especially on the financial level.

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