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Cancer Horoscope – September 2022


September promises to be a productive month for your sign. After the summer period, it is the return to the routine of the home and we can say that this period is not completely unpleasant for you, because even if it conveys stress, it allows you to clean and reorganize everything. The entry of Venus in Virgo from September 5 will help you to be creative in your steps, do not hesitate to use your charm and your magnetism to achieve your goals. Your humor will also be a significant advantage in obtaining what you want. Moreover, the retrograde of Mercury in the sign of Libra will take place from September 10, which may make you hesitant and moody. Prefer to make all important decisions before this date. The full moon in Pisces on September 10 will invite you not to forget your dreams and your hopes. It may be that around this date, you are turned to your beliefs and you need solitude, which will not be easy during this period of return. However, try to give yourself time, even if it’s just a walk alone in nature. The entry of the Sun into Libra will take place on September 23 and will create a dissonance with your sign: beware of disputes, especially in the couple. To prevent this kind of situation, it is essential not to forget yourself during the first part of this month, by imposing your limits. Venus enters Libra next on September 29. On the program: shopping and pampering. With Mercury returning to Virgo from September 24, your health (mental and physical) will come to the fore. It would be a shame to overwork yourself.

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