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Capricorn Horoscope – September 2022


The start of the new school year promises to be productive, although certain hazards of life can disturb you, the presence of the Sun in the sign of Virgo will make you more flexible and adaptable. From September 5, Venus will lodge in the sign of Virgo until September 29, which could increase your sensitivity and your emotional needs. Although this need is often overlooked, you could bend the rule and take a day for yourself. As a couple or with a friend, it seems important to take the time to enjoy the simple and pleasant things in life. The full moon in Pisces on September 10 will also go in this direction, asking you to connect to your feelings but also to your dreams. You tend to forget what makes you vibrate, in favor of your responsibilities, which you honor as best you can. Don’t forget that you are also a soul that needs fulfillment and that this process cannot take the form of concrete evolution if you do not give it the time necessary for its realization. Mercury’s retrograde in Libra from September 10 could create some misunderstandings, especially with your partner. This accentuates even more the need that you have to find yourself. On September 24, Mercury retrograde will return to the sign of Virgo: be careful financially, an unforeseen (or forgotten) expense may tarnish your budget. Thus, it is better not to overdo it this month. The entry of the Sun into Libra will raise official questions, pay attention to your means of payment and above all, do not forget to ask for a ticket / an invoice if you make a special purchase, it could be useful to you.

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