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Libra Horoscope – September 2022


This month of September promises to be very productive. It will be experienced with the presence of Mars in Gemini, which urges you to take action. The opposition of your Sun to Jupiter, which is still in Aries, could however make you confuse “achievement” and “impatience”. Don’t be in a hurry, things will happen in due time. From September 5 to 29, Venus will be in Virgo before entering your sign. This is an opportunity to start anew financially, it is possible that a change in your income and / or your expenses (downward or upward) will bring about a change in your organization. Be careful around September 10, the retrograde of Mercury in your sign could mislead you, especially with regard to a legal question (commitment linked to a contract, purchase, credit, etc.). It is best not to make any important decision around this date, moreover, if you realize some time after that you have made a mistake, do not hesitate to exercise your right of withdrawal! The full moon in Pisces which will take place on September 10 could also create doubt and misunderstanding. That’s okay, but it’s important not to believe what you’re being told. Mercury’s retrograde will be in your sign until September 24, the day after the Sun enters Libra. This anniversary period could therefore be disrupted by unexpected events, especially for those born in the first and second decans. The New Moon will take place in your sign on September 25, and opposition to Jupiter indicates very strong evolutionary potential. Harmony with Saturn in Aquarius indicates that your wishes will have a lasting and solid impact in the long term, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. Moreover, Mars in Gemini could lead you to be too frank with your loved ones. Avoid antagonizing people, especially over trivialities.

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