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Marianne James: the singer confides without filter on her many diets which almost cost her her life


Guest on the set of the show It starts today this Tuesday, August 30, 2022, Marianne James confided in an open heart about a dark period of her life…

Repeat diets

If the juror France has an unbelievable talent feels good in her body and her head today, that hasn’t always been the case… Invited on the set of the show It starts today this Tuesday, August 30, 2022, Marianne James confided in a dark period of her life. The one during which she chained repeated diets, when she was only 18 years old, seriously endangering her health.

“I was scared, very scared”

The one who confessed to having had only one objective, that of reaching the weight ” ideal “ at this time of his life, said to presenter Faustine Bollaert: “I was starving myself to be like that (…) That is to say, the control I had of my body was so intense, so exclusive and so daily that in the end, it was the two years where I took no one in my arms and where no one took me in theirs (…) It was a body that was so hard to obtain that it had become a fortress, sacred. It was hard. There have been diets to try to always stay within the norm and after a while, they no longer work”.

She who wanted to lose 10 kilos like her friends added: “I went on a famous diet and got tired and sick. It weakened me enormously, mentally too. And I was scared, very scared. To heal myself, I took a short break in my career. From there, I understood that this race was played: I would have spent my life losing to diets. So I stopped.”.

If Marianne James had a bad time during these young years, she admits today that she has drawn a line under diets. She, who now feels good about herself, finally said: “I love my character, I really love myself. I get along well with myself. I love my hands and feet because they serve me a lot”. Touching!

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