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Virgo Horoscope – September 2022


Like every year, the month of September rhymes with your season! Happy birthday to you, as well as to the August Virgins. This year, this period will be lived with Mars in Gemini, in the square of your sign, which is not an easy task. By urging you to action, Mars could both allow you to move faster than expected on certain topics, but also waste a lot of time due to repeated mistakes. You who are attentive to the smallest detail, above all do not lose this habit and try not to let others impose their tempo on you. Venus will be in your sign from September 5 to September 29, which promises a lucky and restful time. This means that despite the electric atmosphere of the new school year, you will have the opportunity to rest and plan calmly for this end of the year. The full moon in Pisces will take place on September 10 and will appear as an opportunity to disconnect from what is heavy. Although it is sometimes put aside, the imagination allows us to find a balance between reality and our aspirations. Let your creativity flow, whether through an artistic activity, a new way of doing certain things or quite simply, through a project that is close to your heart and that you wish to initiate. If so, it’s best to lay the groundwork during this month and wait for Mercury’s retrograde to end next month to make things official. Mercury retrogrades from September 10 and will return to your sign on September 24. This will echo unfinished discussions that could come back to the table. Above all, take advantage of this last week of September to sort out your thoughts. Cut to the chase, the Sun’s entry into the sign of Libra on September 23 implies a need to associate with one another. Even if it is sometimes difficult for you to grant your confidence, do not forget that the relationship always has an element of unforeseen and risk.

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