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10 foods that you can consume without moderation, without the risk of gaining weight! (1/11)


Low-calorie foods do exist! You can therefore consume them at will, without fear of jeopardizing your weight loss. But the foods we offer you aren’t just worth considering for their low calories. Some are rich in fiber and facilitate the transit and elimination of fat, others also have anti-inflammatory properties, fat burnerstrong power satiating or are simply rich in vitamins and minerals and therefore ideal for our nutrition. Do not dream all the same, pastries, bread or spreads are not part of this list! These are mainly fruits and vegetables, rich in water and dietary fiber. Some are called “negative calorie foods”, meaning that our body spends more energy to digest them than the amount of calories provided by the food. It’s perfect for losing weight! However, we do not advise you to eat only these products. The body needs a healthy and balanced diet to function, which also includes carbohydrates, fats and proteins! However, these slimming allies can be used as a snack to overcome a craving or a desire to snack, without feeling guilty. Don’t wait any longer to discover these 10 foods to consume without moderation.

3. Cooked egg whites



If the yolk is rich in lipids, the white is very low in calories. In fact, the egg white provides 46 kcal per 100 g cooked. It is therefore an ideal savory snack. To vary the pleasures, add spices, tomatoes, zucchini and other light foods so as not to lose the benefits of this low caloric intake. You can also eat them in a sweet omelette with a few pieces of apple and cinnamon, in a sugar-free meringue or cook hard-boiled eggs and eat only the white (keep the yolk aside for later use).

7. Watermelon



Very rich in waterwatermelon brings 31 kcal per 100g. Rich in vitamins A, C and B6, diuretic, full of antioxidants, it combines the advantages! In addition, the seeds are excellent for promoting digestion. His only flaw? It will only be consumed in summer since its harvest season is short.

9. Celery



The peak season for stalk celery extends from July to January. It’s great, because we didn’t really know what to eat winter ! To prepare it, simply remove the branches and you can enjoy plain celery sticks or soaked in 0% yoghurt. With 16 calories per 100 grams, celery is known to be a “negative calorie” food. Our body would burn more energy to digest it than the amount provided by celery. If this is not entirely accurate, it is however undeniable that on a day-to-day basis, the celery consumed does not appear on your scale. Moreover, it is a diuretic natural… No reason to deprive yourself of this green vegetable!

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