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Dreaming of falling into the void: what is the meaning of this particular dream?


We have all dreamed of falling into the void. We fall asleep then suddenly woke up with a start, our heart racing and we have a strong feeling of loss of balance. The interpretation of this dream is varied, there are many possibilities. This type of reverie is most often without impact, it is very rare to see yourself die! Dreaming of falling into the void is not trivial, we explain to you what is the meaning of this very special dream!

Have the feeling of falling into the void

The hypnagogic illusion occurs during falling asleep. The appearance of hypnagogic images is characterized by a sound or visual illusion. The sensation of falling into the void occurs during the first phase of sleep, when there is a relaxation of our muscles.

This phase is often accompanied by myoclonus, muscle spasms that wake you up. Even if it seems real, this feeling of loss of balance is not a dream, but a real physical feeling of your body relaxing before falling asleep!


Dream of falling into the void without being afraid: meaning

Each dream has different meanings. Dreaming of a baby or dreaming of a spider does not portend the same thing! We forget them most of the time, but we all dream at night! Some occur more often than others. Have you fallen into the void without being afraid? Congratulations, you have accomplished the feat of remembering your dream when you woke up!

He intrigues you, you want to understand his message. It is one of the dreams we have all had at least once in our lives. If your fall wasn’t scary, this dream might signify that you will manage to overcome some ordeal without difficulty.

Dream of falling into the void being afraid: interpretation

Many dreamers like to analyze the meaning of their dreams. They warn you of a change, even a premonition if you are attentive enough. Dreaming of falling into the void being afraid of a very particular interpretation. According to Freud, dreams reflect our unconscious. If you don’t feel safe in your real life, your dream lets you know. This is a sign that this feeling of insecurity should not be taken lightly.

Falling into nothingness represents the loss of control. Do you feel like the situation is slipping away from you? Anxiety is ruining your life? Do your emotions overwhelm you? This type of dream can reflect a period of emotional instability in your daily life. This anxiety dream reflects your terrors in the face of events beyond your control. It shows up to remind you that you have to let go and accept the loss of control!

Dreaming of falling into the void screaming

Falling is not pleasant, even if it is not real. If you had this dream of falling in the void while screaming, it points to family problems within your household. Yelling demonstrates a desire to express yourself, to exteriorize your feelings. Are you in conflict with your loved ones? A fight keeps you away from your parents? This kind of dream manifests itself in order to underline a problem that you encounter in your daily life. Don’t let the situation escalate and communicate!

Dreaming of jumping into the void: the reasons

The reasons for a specific dream are diverse, they adapt to your life. As one throws oneself headlong into a project or a situation, dreaming of jumping into the void can symbolize that you will do everything to achieve your goals! You face difficulties face to face! Do you want to complete a project? Don’t hesitate any longer, get started!

Dream of falling into a hole: explanations

Did you dream that you fell into a hole? It means that you are going through a difficult period in your life, you are facing obstacles to overcome. The dreamer who sinks into a black hole feels weak, insignificant. He is incapable of making a choice, decision-making is impossible. You can also translate it as a warning, be prepared for the arrival of complications in your life and do not hesitate to ask for support from your loved ones!

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