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Energy savings: how to use your dishwasher and washing machine to consume less?


With the rise in the price of electricity and inflation affecting many sectors, we are constantly looking for solutions to reduce our daily bills. Here are some tips to save money by using your dishwasher and your washing machine.

Use the dishwasher and washing machine

The very first thing to know is that using your household appliances is more economical than washing dishes or laundry by hand. Indeed, using your dishwasher and your washing machine will allow you to save on your water consumption and your energy consumption. A dishwasher consumes 70% less water than washing the dishes by hand! A welcome double economy in this period of inflation.

Choosing the right programs


Household appliances often offer many programs designed to adapt to all our needs and make our daily lives easier. However, these programs are not equivalent in terms of energy consumption. One of the solutions for taking advantage of the comfort provided by the washing machine and dishwasher while consuming less is to limit the use of fast, more energy-intensive programmes, as well as pre-washing. Prefer to select eco programs which, as their name suggests, aim to minimize your electricity consumption.

Select low temperatures

While one might think that the highest temperatures are the most effective for washing clothes or dishes, it is clear that this is not the case. Washing the linen at 30° for example will allow you to obtain an impeccable result. Choosing low washing temperatures has a significant impact on energy consumption. In fact, 80% of the energy consumption of a washing machine or a dishwasher during the wash cycles is used solely to heat the wash water. Selecting lower temperatures can therefore reduce the appliance’s electricity consumption by up to 3 times.

Maintain your devices


If you want to use your washing machine and your dishwasher while consuming less, remember to maintain these appliances regularly. The water that supplies our homes is often loaded with limestone which, over time and use, scales these household appliances. This has the effect of extending the time required to heat the water. It is therefore essential to regularly descale your washing machine and your dishes using white vinegar. To descale your washing machine, simply run your machine empty, at 60°C, replacing the detergent with white vinegar. To descale your dishwasher, pour two large cups of white vinegar directly into the appliance before starting the cycle with the highest temperature. Take advantage of this descaling of your appliances to also clean the impurity filters which, if they are dirty, also generate higher consumption.

Prioritize off-peak hours

Consider opting for an electricity subscription that offers a system of off-peak hours and peak hours. This will allow you to operate your dishwasher and washing machine during those hours when the electricity tariff is lower. If you are not at home during these hours, consider programming your appliances with delayed start so that they operate in your absence during off-peak hours to preserve your purchasing power.

Choose less energy-consuming appliances


In order to operate your dishwasher and your washing machine without having a heavy impact on your electricity bill, be sure to choose energy-efficient appliances. To do this, remember to always consult the energy label present on them. New electrical appliances are classified from A+ to A+++. It is those that belong to the energy class A+++ that will allow you to achieve the greatest savings.

Use the device at full

While so-called half-load programs can be very practical for washing a small amount of dishes or laundry, they ultimately turn out to be more energy-intensive. Indeed, this solution will lead to more frequent operation of the device and therefore higher consumption of water and electricity. In order to save money on these two items, prefer to wait until your machine, to wash the dishes or the laundry, is full to make it work.

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