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5 proofs that eating healthy does not necessarily cost more! (1/6)


Meat, especially red meat, is an expensive food. Fortunately, it is not necessary to consume it with every meal. We should even be satisfied with 500 g of red meat per week at most. For the rest of our protein intake, we focus on eggs, fish, poultry and legumes. Here is a price comparison for 100 g:

  • 100g flank steak €2.57
  • 100 g of salmon (frozen section): 2.20 euros
  • 100 g of beef steak: 2 euros
  • 100 g of minced steak: 1.31 euros (fresh) 0.93 euros (frozen)
  • 100 g of hake (frozen department): 1.28 euros
  • 100 g of chicken (fresh): 0.99 euro
  • 100 g of eggs (i.e. 2 eggs): 0.55 euro
  • 100 g of raw lentils (the recommended quantity for 1 person is 60 g): 0.36 euro
  • 100 g canned red beans: 0.25 euro (0.45 euro if purchased dry)

Rather than eating meat at every dinner, the ideal is to vary. For a week of meals with 1 dinner based on red meat, 1 dinner based on salmon (but it is possible to reduce the cost of this meal by consuming another less expensive fatty fish, such as sardines, mackerel or even tuna), 1 dinner based on white fish, 2 dinners based on eggs and 2 dinners based on legumes, the cost of protein intake for the week is 7.63 euros per person or less than 1 ,10 euros per person and per evening. By adding 1 portion of vegetables, 1 portion of starches, 1 dairy product (1 0% yogurt or 30 g of cheese), 1 fruit, the total for a dinner will be approximately 1.83 euros per person, for a meal complete, healthy and balanced.

Thus by varying the sources of protein, you can have a healthy diet for a very reasonable budget. Conversely, consuming red meat at all meals will weigh on the scales, import your health capital and lighten your wallet considerably.

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