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This mom of 8 shares her evening routine… which starts at 4:30 p.m. every day!


Being a parent is great… even if it’s work! Imagine the daily life of this mother who turns into a supermom every night to put her eight children to bed!

A family of eight children

Her name ? Chloe Dunstan. This 27-year-old Australian woman is a mother of eight children! Married to a certain Rohan, Chloe was already the mother of three children at the age of 22. Shortly after, the couple had triplets, and not long after that, they welcomed twins.

Chloe and Rohan’s family then consists of Evan, 8, Otto, 7, Felix, 6, triplets Rufus, Hank and Pearl, 5, and newborn twins Sylvie and Cosmo .

evening routine

Through her Youtube channel, the mother of a family has shown what constitutes her daily life to take care of eight children. A daily newspaper that deserves a medal, especially when children go to bed. Already with a child, it’s complicated, so eight! It’s not easy to make a whole small tribe fall into Morpheus’ arms… and this, every night!

An evening routine… who how at 4:30 p.m. every day! Chloe indeed prepares dinner for her eight children at that time. While the mother is working in the kitchen, her eldest children are tidying up the playroom while her toddlers are having a nap.

Around 6 p.m., the children sit down to eat. Evan, Otto, and their siblings then take turns bathing and changing into their pajamas. Meanwhile, Chloe takes care of her young twins by feeding and bathing them.

Once the whole little tribe is ready to go to sleep, Chloe reads a story to her children. Then comes the time to brush your teeth and go to sleep. It’s already 8 p.m.

It is only afterwards, once their children have gone to bed, that Chloe and Rohan have dinner before relaxing and watching TV. An end-of-day routine that is always perpetuated in the same way over the days…

“It’s definitely gotten easier over the years with the nightly routine as all but the twins can now dress themselves” says Chloe in her video. We imagine !

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