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M Pokora: the singer reveals an adorable video of his son Kenna playing the piano


It is in story on his Instagram account this Thursday, September 1, 2022 that M Pokora shared an adorable video of his one-year-old son Kenna playing the piano.

Family life

The one who spins the perfect love with the singer Christina Milian, surrounded by their two children, Kenna, 1 year old, and Isaiah, 2 years old, confided in his little family at the microphone of RTL last August 30. The singer, who is currently promoting his new album Epicenterwhose release is scheduled for November 4, spoke in particular of the difficulty of reconciling his role as a father and his celebrity status. “When I start to arrive on the beach, there are looks, people. And people who were in the water come out on the beach, get their cell phones, come back in the water with their cell phones to take pictures of me swimming with my children. he explained, recalling an episode he experienced during his family vacation this summer.

M Pokora: the singer reveals an adorable video of his son Kenna playing the piano

© Instagram/M Pokora

lovely video

If M Pokora and Christina Milian try to preserve the privacy of their two children at all costs, this does not prevent them from regularly sharing little bits of their family life. This Thursday, September 1, 2022, in story on his Instagram account, the 36-year-old singer thus revealed an accomplice moment shared between father and son, and more particularly between his youngest and him, around the family piano.

On the video, we can discover little Kenna trying out the piano, feeling the keys of the instrument with his little hands. Like his father and mother, the baby seems to have developed a passion for music. Adorable !

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