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Camille Lellouche confides in about the upcoming arrival of her baby: “I’m scared”


It is in story on her Instagram account this Thursday, September 1 that the pregnant comedian confided in about her fears related to the imminent arrival of her baby.


The comedian who announced that she was pregnant last May rarely misses an opportunity to confide in about her pregnancy on social networks. As the end of her pregnancy approaches, Camille Lellouche thus spoke of the imminent arrival of her child, not without sharing her fears, this Thursday, September 1, 2022.

Facing the camera, in story on his Instagram account, the comedian thus evoked the last ultrasound that she passed before revealing more about the father of her child, whose identity is kept top secret.

“It’s the first time we’ve been able to see his face, because it’s always been hidden. Madam has decided that she does not show her head” she revealed before adding: “She looks a lot like dad, who is sublime. So, I’m very happy because I dreamed that she had her mouth. He has a very nice mouth, well drawn, whereas I don’t have lips (…) I’m scared… In a month… I’m scared. I’m too much the serene girl when arch not! ».


It is on the same social network that Camille Lellouche announced her pregnancy last May. By sharing a nice photo of her rounded belly, with the caption: “I love you so much already”. Last July, on the stage of Marrakech du rire, the comedian evoked as she rarely does the father of her child, revealing: “Hormones are complicated to manage. He’s nice, he gives me massages, he scrubs me, he cleans me up… I make him miserable all the time”.

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