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Louane in love: her touching secrets about her story with her companion Florian Rossi


This Saturday, September 3, 2022, during the blind auditions of The Voice KidsLouane confided in her story with her companion Florian Rossi.

love to death

TF1 broadcast the third blind auditions of The Voice Kids this Saturday, September 3, 2022. The opportunity for viewers to discover, among other things, the pretty performance of Annaelle who interpreted Louane’s song, love to death.

An interpretation that touched the interpreter, member of the show’s jury, in the heart. And for good reason, Louane composed this title with his companion Florian Rossi. “This song was composed by my better half and I wrote it. It was our first song together” she confessed.

Love story

If the emotion invaded the singer, the latter took time to turn around on the performance of the young candidate. “You made a complicated song choice (…) It stopped me from coming because sometimes, you know, there are songs that have such special stories that you can’t completely immerse yourself in another something like that” she explained.

As a reminder, Louane and Florian Rossi have been spinning perfect love since 2018. From their story was born a little girl named Esmée in March 2020. A child that the young mother tries to protect, making it a point of honor to preserve her privacy. “I don’t want to show it and I will never show it… Because this life, it was I who chose it, and not her (…) I am very happy with my family, it is too beautiful. I hope you don’t blame me, but I won’t talk about it more than that and I’ll never show it.” she said about it in Telematin.

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