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Marianne James confides without taboo on her abortion: “I am a believer, however…”


In an interview with the magazine Here isMarianne James confided without taboo on the abortion that she underwent several years ago and that she assumes completely despite her faith.


“I am ulcerated! It’s a religious throwback and I say that when I’m a believer” said Marianne James in an interview with the magazine Here is this Friday, September 2, 2022. The 60-year-old singer and actress, who strongly opposes the revocation of the right to abortion in the United States, confided in the voluntary termination of pregnancy she suffered several years ago and which she completely accepts despite her religious beliefs. “I have faith, and yet I assume it” she revealed.

“Never again on earth should civil societies be led by religious people. They accept that 7-year-old kids are massacred by a fragile, overarmed teenager, but they condemn abortion…” she added.


If the juror France has an unbelievable talent had never openly confided in her personal history, she had already been categorical on maternity issues. She who had affirmed her will not to want ” to reproduce “judging himself “self-centered enough to be the only format”in an interview with the magazine Entertainment TVdoes not experience ” no regrets “his freedom being “the thing that matters most to him”.

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