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Linda de Suza hospitalized for psychological disorders: the singer in a worrying state


The one, who had enjoyed success in France with the release of her first single Portuguese in 1978, is currently hospitalized. His state of health would worry health professionals.


According to information relayed by France Sunday, Linda de Suza would not be well at all. The 74-year-old singer would indeed be “hospitalized for several weeks” since she suffered from psychological problems. “Leaving in her world, she would evoke a fight between the forces of good and evil, the doctors would worry, because she would have stopped eating. His chances of remission would dwindle. informed the magazine.

Psychological disorders

Psychological disorders whose origin does not date from yesterday… In 2010, the artist filed a complaint for identity theft after discovering that, since 1979, seven bank accounts had been opened in his name behind his back by his companion at the time. “He did everything to ensure that I did not worry about money matters since my arrival at Carrère (his record label at the time). I am ruined. I receive 400 euros per month and, without payslips, I will not have a pension” she asserted.

After being discreet at the end of the 1990s, Linda de Suza had made her big comeback on stage thanks to her various tours tender age and Tsummer Of wood performed in 2014, 2016 and 2017. In 2020, the singer planned to release a new album Postcards from Portugal which had unfortunately been cancelled. The promoters of the artist had evoked “health reasons”. The singer, meanwhile, denied.

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