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True Story: “A weekend with friends that will be remembered for a long time!”


After a big period without vacation, we decide to leave for a few days with friends just at 4. A great idea that will do us the greatest good. Head to the airport to catch a flight to Florence. We all dream of enjoying the Italian heat but also of its wild evenings that we have missed so much in recent months. We arrive at the end of the day and drop off our belongings at our hotel in the center. The first evening is rather calm, we choose a small restaurant typical of Florence and we take advantage of the moment to meet around Italian dishes, each more delicious than the other. We’re a little tired from the trip and we quietly return to the hotel around midnight.

The next day we are all in Olympic form, we walk the streets of the city up and down without missing a beat. The sun begins to set and we move on to phase 2: the evening! We were really expecting this one so we are not going with dead hands. We chain bars and glasses of spritz almost forgetting to eat. The evening is full but one of my friends decides to go back to the hotel. She’s tired, it’s already 2:30 so we let her go and she reassures us by sending us a message once in the room. 2 hours later it is our turn to return to the hotel. We are very drunk, super tired and we only dream of one thing: our bed!

We enter the hotel using the digicode and go up to our floor. We knock on the door of our room but no one answers, we insist a little but still nothing. Our friend is sleeping soundly and cannot hear us. We go down to the reception with the hope of finding someone to open the door for us. Unfortunately, no one is on duty at night. A friend of mine then had a brilliant idea! Or rather a completely twisted idea: take one of the keys that is at the reception and go to sleep in another room. With two or three spritzes less, clearly, we would have said no. But in the euphoria of the evening we all think it’s a great idea! Completely crazy, yes, but a great idea! We take the key to room number 34, we go up, we enter and hop we slip into the beds without asking too many questions.

The next morning: 11 am we are woken up by the cleaning ladies who come into the room. We wake up with a start convinced that we are going to have a bad time. They are surprised to see people but they immediately close as if it was a mistake. We take a closer look at the room and we finally realize that there are men’s things in the bathroom. Important detail that we had not seen a few hours earlier. There is panic on board because we imagine that the guest in the room will indeed arrive at some point. We put everything back in place right away and we run to our room.

Our friend is awake and opens us immediately super embarrassed. We then learn that she went to bed with earplugs and that she was therefore not likely to hear us. No one in the hotel noticed anything: phew!

A hell of an adventure that we will remember for a very long time!

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