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True Story: “An unexpected encounter on the other side of the world”


5 years ago, I decided to go on a road trip with my best friend in Vietnam. I needed to clear my mind following a difficult breakup with my boyfriend at the time. For a month, we discover Vietnam and its extraordinary landscapes. We hike in the rice fields of Sapa, we feast in the small restaurants of Hanoi, we take full eyes in Halong Bay…etc. My heart is in pieces but this incredible trip makes me forget almost everything.

Penultimate stage of our journey: Mũi Né, a magnificent seaside resort bordered by ocher sand dunes. After a long bus ride to reach Mũi Né, we finally arrive at our hostel. The setting is pleasant, the hostel is equipped with a beautiful swimming pool and the atmosphere is super relaxed.

Moments after our arrival, we make our first dive. But that day, I’m in a teasing mood, my friend is exhausted and I want to shake her. The hostel provided us with plastic wristbands allowing us to move freely in the common areas. I take my friend’s and throw it in the water. Stupid as an action? Certainly yes ! but this action would ultimately change the course of our lives.

The pool is super deep and without a goggle we can’t get it back. That’s when a handsome boy comes to our aid… He’s Venezuelan, lives in Los Angeles and above all, he knows how to swim better than us. Neither one nor two this bracelet story goes by the wayside and we start the discussion. He’s nice but I’m coming out of a painful breakup so “calmos”. We have dinner at the inn together then we sign up for the beer pong evening.

Despite all the will in the world to avoid falling into the trap of this handsome kid, I end the evening in his arms dancing the batchata by the pool. Shit, I swore to myself to take a break with the guys! I see out of the corner of my eye the laughing look of my friend who says “that’s it yes, men, it’s over for you”. My friend slips away and leaves me face to face with the handsome Luis… Our evening will end on a high note with a long, languorous kiss.

We have one day left in Mũi Né before my return to France, and this evening finally turned me upside down. I decide to take advantage of the last evening on the spot alone with him. I’m hoping for nothing more than a one-night story to end her perfect vacation.

Surprisingly, the boy doesn’t seem determined to let me go, and then, let’s face it, I don’t want to either; so, when I return, we continue to exchange messages for weeks, months. And then, one day, I received this famous message: “Can I come and see you in Paris?”. I accept of course, we only have one life! And then, I started to develop feelings for him through our exchanges and I really want to know where I am. We find ourselves under the gray sky of Paris and the magic happens again! I am totally in love with him! Then there will be back and forth between the United States and France to see each other and see each other again…

And 5 years later, where am I? Luis and I have moved in together, we are continuing our wonderful love story in the Lisbon region. Our next project: a wedding with my best friend as witness, the only spectator of this improbable meeting at the end of the world…

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