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5 tips for recognizing a foot fetishist (1/6)


Feet are rarely a topic of conversation, let alone when getting to know a person. It is even common that we hide them, because we find them ugly. Unlike Eastern and Asian cultures, the West does not eroticize this part of the body. The trick to spotting the foot fetishist? His strong interest in your toes! Yes, because it can turn into an obsession! If you meet a man and he asks for details about your shoes, or hopes to see pictures, it is possible that your feet are the object of his desires! An individual with a passion for feet insists and can change the subject. Do you feel a passion that he can’t hide? The discussion revolves around your heels? A fetishist can be turned on by all the accessories that adorn and show off your feet. Jewelry, shoes, tights, whether you like it or not, this part of your body will be eroticized.

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