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Florent Pagny’s lung cancer: Zazie gives news of her friend


It was during an interview with Parisian this Thursday, September 22, 2022 that Zazie gave news of her friend Florent Pagny, suffering from lung cancer.


On the occasion of the release of his mini-album, THE Pand his return to the flagship show of TF1, The VoiceZazie gave an interview to the newspaper The Parisian this Thursday, September 22, 2022. The opportunity for the singer to confide in the state of health of her friend Florent Pagny, suffering from lung cancer.

“(I have) very often on the phone and (he) is fine” assured the interpreter of street of peace. Something to reassure fans of the singer who is fighting against the disease… and who will not be present in the next season of the tele-hook show.

Lung cancer

In effect, TF1 made the decision to replace Florent Pagny with Bigflo and Oli in the next season of The Voice which will be broadcast in 2023 on the first television channel. A new season which marks the great return of Zazie, after years of absence on the red chair.

“It was not planned at all, it was the production that offered me. First I looked at my schedule and it made me tired myself… I’m in the studio, I’m going to shoot in 2023… And then I saw myself smiling, thinking about the coaches, the team, to musicians. ‘The Voice’ is not just a big beast. And those who win aren’t just those who win, like Will Barber who filled bigger venues afterwards. And it’s something to be a coach. It’s very moving to be in the front row of the voices that will perhaps make the music of tomorrow and fascinating to accompany them. Even if I have sleepless nights during the battles » she also confided.

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