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Large families: life in XXL: this emblematic family of the show announces its departure


Viewers were disappointed to learn of the departure of an iconic family from the show Large families: life in XXL on TF1.

Large families

After several years of moving viewers in Large families: life in XXLthe Servières family announced sad news in a story on their Instagram account this Thursday, September 22, 2022.

If a new episode of Large families: life in XXL was broadcast the same day on TF1this was the family’s last on-screen appearance. “A lot of emotion tonight, it’s time to take stock. This is the last time we air…” wrote Laëtitia and Sébastien Servières in the caption of a snapshot of the show broadcast on their television set. “It was an incredible adventure that allowed us to have you in our lives. You carry us every day” they added.


Happy parents of Maëva, Maëlys, Mandy, Manaëlle, Melya, Milyana, Leny and Léo, Laëtitia and Sébastien Servières announced the birth of their ninth child on July 2. “It is with great emotion that we present to you our love kitten Loëvann born on July 2, 2022 at 4:24 a.m. It weighs 3,930 kg. We are both fine. A nice coincidence. We are in the same room from 18 years ago 2 days ago ready for your sister Maëva. My baby, you make the dates of birth an even number. We are so happy that you are finally among us, you have made us yearn” they wrote on their social networks. An adventure for both parents that will now continue far from the cameras of TF1.

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